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Incumbent Mayor Ken Hewitt is facing two challengers for his seat on council. In alphabetical order, they are David McClung and Lisa Taylor. Both are profiled below.

Two candidates are running against incumbent Leroy Bartlett in Ward 1. In alphabetical order, they are Andrew Bergsma and Stewart Patterson. Look for their profiles below

Highlighting the many issues in Cayuga and South Cayuga over the past four years, incumbent Fred Morison is facing three opponents vying for his Ward 2  seat on Haldimand council. Listed in alphabetical order they are: Ray Hunsinger, John Metcalfe and Donna Pitcher

There are two candidates in Ward 3, challenging incumbent Craig Grice for a seat on Haldimand council. Listed in alphabetical order, the following stories outline a little about candidates Cheryl Beemer and Dan Lawrence, why they are running, and what their goals are if elected.

Patrick Cook is challenging longstanding Hagersville incumbent Tony Dalimonte for the Haldimand Ward 4 seat on council.

Marianne Kidd and Joey Tingle are contesting the Ward 5 seat held by incumbent Rob Shirton. Look on this page for their profiles.

Ward 6 incumbent Bernie Corbett is being challenged for his seat by Julie Marchese. She is profiled below

Three Pools for Haldimand?

It’s easy to see it is election time in Haldimand County. In a newspaper ad, Councillor Shirton promised an “indoor pool for Dunnville”. At the Caledonia debate, Councillor Grice twice mentioned a pool for Caledonia was feasible. In an ad in the Haldimand Press...

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The great debate … not

By Chris Pickup Wednesday night’s all candidates meeting in Cayuga was sedate, thoughtful, and ….. well, boring. It’s good to be respectful, and the four candidates were, but it would have been nice to see a little bit of edge or oomph in what they were saying....

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Team players or collusion?

At last night's all candidates meeting in Hagersville, Lisa Taylor opened by clamouring long and loud that she is a team player, although she offered no evidence to back up her claim, nor was I aware that any existed. Ken Hewitt made the same claim, but in his case...

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By Chris Pickup This present council has been infuriating, demeaning, dismissive and at times downright rude to its constituents, but on occasion also the source of much unintended hilarity.  And then there are the “noddy”s (with apologies to English children’s author...

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Just after he retired looking to lead a quiet life with his wife, Vicky, Cayuga resident David McClung found himself flung headlong into local politics. In June of 2017 one of Haldimand's very involved citizens asked him for help in opposing the current County...

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A lifetime resident of Dunnville, Lisa Taylor feels she is at the stage in her life where she can give back to the County that gave her the opportunities to grow and raise her two daughters. And she feels the county is falling short on the senior support front. “When...

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Andrew Bergsma is running for office because he believes he can well serve Ward 1 and Haldimand County as a whole. “I know not everyone is happy with the current council and I am presenting myself as a capable and responsible leadership alternative,” he says. “I...

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