By Chris Pickup A report from Integrity Commissioner John Mascarin on a complaint that had been filed against Mayor Ken Hewitt under the county’s Code of Conduct, has absolved Hewitt on all allegations. What was disturbing about this issue was not the report's...

Nasty is as nasty does

By Chris Pickup Clayt Spears, I appreciate you claim Morison as your friend with a  propensity to believe what he tells you, but I must respectfully point out that your five and half month sojourn in Texas every year ill prepares you for commentary on what has...

On private meetings and credulous people

Steven John Fenton. Chris Pickup here, editor of the regionallnewsforum.ca/ . I would have replied to your Facebook diatribe before, however our wifi failed Sunday night and has only just been restored. First off, I am curious as to how you managed to receive an...

Wrong advocate for safety signs

Wrong advocate for safety signs

By Chris Pickup Seeing Ken Hewitt’s smiling face on the promotional photograph for SLOW DOWN signs makes me want to vomit. The idea of SLOW DOWN signs to be posted across the county in high pedestrian and bicycle areas is on the face of it a good one. Certainly there...


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