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              Sidewalks on both sides of Talbot Street West in Cayuga have been cracking and buckling ever since they were built in 2015, and the problem continues with no sign of letting up. This morning I counted all of the problems along this 800 metre stretch of...

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Hell and high water on Cayuga rail trail

The current leadership of Haldimand County has been recklessly determined to build the Cayuga Bridge Trail come hell or high water. Over the weekend the high water came, and it washed out several sections of the supposedly $1.4 million trail, ensuring that the price...

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Spending money on damage control

Yesterday on Haldimand County's website I was reading through the 2018 Draft Tax Supported Operating Budget—not a page-turner, but essential reading for anyone who wants to know what's going on in Haldimand County. I found the following information on page 58  : "With...

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In reviewing the last couple of weeks of the website, I noticed that Mr Morison's name appears a lot, in fact at one point that's all that is talked about on the page. Has he ever taken the time to respond? Has he decided to call a public meeting? Or is it the same as...

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Ethics complaint not frivolous

I attended the June 19, 2018 meeting of Haldimand County Council out of curiosity, and was surprised at one of the items on the agenda: a report to council on an ethics complaint against Mayor Ken Hewitt. Even more interesting than the report was Councillor Leroy...

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Funny they’re listening now

At the June 19, 2018 meeting of Haldimand County Council, planning staff presented a new design for the Beattie Estates subdivision in the south end of Caledonia. It did not include the collector road built on expropriated private property that was such a contentious...

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Accountability and Spending

Today I attended Haldimand County's all-day council-in-committee meeting in Cayuga. This is where detailed discussion takes place and preliminary decisions are made that will be confirmed at the evening council meeting a week later. Two items in particular revealed...

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Construction ruinous to small businesses

Open letter to Media, Citizens, Council & Staff in Haldimand.       The Haldimand County “Cayuga Library & Heritage Centre” News Release of May 29, 2018 is loaded with the usual spin and misleading information. Originally in October 2015 the budget of $1,700,000 to...

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Open letter to Haldimand Council and Admin Staff             Political preservation:  Word to the wise.  Personal agendas and greed should have no place in politics.  Such goals have destroyed many powerful people with many unintended consequences. As county council...

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Newspaper accused of poor reporting

Hello Kaitlyn and Jillian, I find that I cannot confidently rely on the information relayed in The Haldimand Press articles.  An example, and you may recall our correspondence about it, is "Response to Cayuga Library Criticism" dated February 1, 2018. Since you chose...

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I hesitate to even respond, but what kind of man or councillor puts someone else out front to speak for him when he has been elected to serve the residents of ward 2. He competed for the job and now has it; as such, it is his responsibility to address any concerns to...

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