A rendering by SRM architects of what the new emergency department at the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital will look like

Construction of the Haldimand War Memorial Hospital’s new Emergency Department is on schedule according to CEO, David Montgomery. The estimated completion date is the end of September 2018.

The project will be paid for by a combination of fundraising, hospital reserves and a capital  grant, he told those attending Dunnville’s County year end review. The Hospital Foundation’s fundraising goal is $1.5 million, of which $750,000 has already been raised, he said. And while donations have stalled a bit, he was confident the hospital’s new fundraising campaign will raise the rest. Dunnville hospital has an amazing set of some 300 volunteers, he added.

He noted over the last several years the hospital has served approximately 25% patients from outside the county. However, hospitals are mandated to look after people who show up at their doors.

Montgomery also predicted at some point down the road they are going to have to build a completely brand new hospital.

Meanwhile, the hospital will be able to provide the community with a brand new, larger and more technologically advanced Emergency Department, offering an increased diagnostic and treatment area designed to provide confidentiality, and improve patient flow, safety and security.

The present department was built in 1978 to accommodate 12,000 patients a year but is not adequate to effectively manage the 25,000 patients treated last year. Staff and patients alike have been struggling with a multitude of problems including bad ambulance access through a busy parking lot.

The new department will solve those problems by helping to maintain acceptable wait times, triaging, diagnosing and either treating patients or transferring them to a partnering hospital for higher level treatment.

The new facility will have: 7,146 square feet available, almost three times larger than the current 2,550 square feet; Ten patient treatment areas, compared to the current seven; Twelve stretchers, compared to the current seven; Enhanced sightlines to treatment areas from the nurse’s station; An enclosed ambulance bay, with a decontamination room off it.; An isolation and resuscitation room; Five public washrooms, compared to one currently; A quiet room for nurses and physicians to counsel family members or deliver news in privacy; A hospital lab and education center on the second floor

The current department will be fully functional during construction.

For more information or to make a donation contact: https://dhhf.ca/emergencydepartment