Dan Lawrence has always had an interest in politics and the decision to run in the upcoming Municipal election is one he says he arrived at after much thought, consideration, discussion with family, friends and residents, not only in Caledonia but across Haldimand County.

“The County, as we all know, is in a good place financially at present, however without careful planning and spending in the future, what is all rosy at the moment could turn sour quickly,” he says.

“I am vying for a seat at Council to aid in ensuring that the spending of County dollars – taxpayer dollars – is done with careful consideration, prioritized with an eye for what is best for Caledonia and Haldimand as a whole, as we are all one  ‘Team” that needs to be working together.”

Caledonia  is experiencing much residential growth, he says, noting this is good if sufficient infrastructure is in place to accommodate the increase in service requirements. Roads and sanitary are in place at present but with future development on the County table, expansion of these components is a must, he adds.

Economic development is a priority.  “As Councillor I would do what I can to attract business, significantly manufacturing, to the area to provide new jobs. Industrial/commercial taxes would increase to help improve the many services we have,”

Lawrence wants to see the growth and maintenance of recreation facilities in Caledonia and across the County. “We are fortunate to have great facilities, arenas, parks, outdoor pools to mention a few, but we need to continue to maintain their well being.

“If there are dollars available when capital budgets are formulated by Staff, I will lobby to enlarge the scope of facilities available to the public.”

Lawrence says he will not make false  promises in an effort to be elected, however he lists a few he can be held accountable for if elected.

“First, I will take the position as one of privilege and not for granted, as it would be an honor to represent the people of Ward 3.

“Secondly, I will work with County Staff, members of Council and the Mayor, to ensure Caledonia and Haldimand work together as a “Team” ensuring that this great place we live in continues to grow and improve the quality of life, socially and economically.

“And lastly if elected, I will adhere to the timeless political principle that is lost by too many politicians, ‘elected by the people, for the people’. I will not lose focus of who I am representing and conduct myself and County business with honesty and integrity.”


Lawrence is a lifelong resident of Caledonia, born and raised here as were his parents and grandparents.  Until recently his family owned and operated the local Sporting Goods store, Lawrence’s Sports Excellence which evolved from Lawrence’s Sporting Goods founded by his parents, Jim and Dorothy, in 1975.