Julie (also known as Julia) Marchese is challenging Bernie Corbett for his seat in Ward 6 Dunnville.

Marchese owns Julias Bistro in Dunnville. She has hosted luncheons and  dinners for the unfortunate, low income people and many others who need a leg up.

Prior to opening her restaurant she worked at Angelic Gardens retirement home in Dunnville,

“I had and still have a passion to keep the elderly happy, smiling and hearing their stories. I knew every patient. I heard hundreds of stories of their life.  We ate, talked, danced, and even sung together.”

Marchese has a compassionate platform.

“I am running for council as I want to help in making changes for people whose voice has not been heard.”

She would like to see a shelter in Dunnville as soon as possible. To help develop a plan for True Experience to achieve their goal for mental health housing, and would also like to see more low income housing in Dunnville.

“I will work hard on making everyone in Dunnville whom would like to see changes, or are in need of something, go from a wish to a reality. I want to help. I want to make a difference.

“I like to see laughter and happiness in everyone’s eyes. I want to help Dunnville community in putting forth some really good suggestions and help make some changes.”