A lifetime resident of Dunnville, Lisa Taylor feels she is at the stage in her life where she can give back to the County that gave her the opportunities to grow and raise her two daughters.

And she feels the county is falling short on the senior support front.

“When I sit back and watch the community slowly forget about the people that once were the pillars of this community, the teens of this community and were once the children of this community – it makes me wonder about our priorities.

“Are we working towards forging a bigger, stronger community for personal benefits, or for the benefit of the entire County?” she asks. She would like to see unity for all County citizens.

“Does anyone really listen to the individuals in Haldimand County?” she questions.

Past Councils have built up areas with recreational resources, Taylor says.  “I would like to see these resources used to their potential and accessible for everyone.”

She notes that In the past, different methods of advertising these facilities have been used – which may need to be re-addressed to ensure that the information is conveyed to all ages in the community.

“When I become Mayor, firstly I hope people will be proud of who they elected;  then I want to face all challenges and questions with full force and an open mind.

“I will start working to fulfill the needs of the County new and old, guiding the future progression of Haldimand County. I will explore new ways to help the County grow and research the creation of new facilities to accommodate our needs. I will continue working on future facilities for work, rest and play – on precisely what each area needs to be complete.”

Above all, she tells residents to “be proud to be a resident of your town, your village or your hamlet. You are all part of the Haldimand County family. Better yet, have the County be proud that you are a part of its family.

“Let’s build this County back up as a whole – we have the strength, the heart and, most of all, we have the roots.”

Taylor is a lifetime resident of Dunnville where she attained her Secondary School Diploma and went on to nearby Post Secondary Institutions, where she studied Law and Security, Paralegal and Real Estate.

She owns a local business – Vital Link Training Services – a First Aid/CPR Instruction company that serves Haldimand County and Southern Ontario,   with the aim of educating people on how to save lives and assist those in a medical emergency.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, playing baseball, downhill skiing, camping, riding her motorcycle, kayaking and spending valuable time with family and friends.

Her website is lisataylor4mayor.ca or you can find her on Facebook.