Marianne Kidd describes herself as a passionate local business owner with a love of family and community.

“I wanted to run for council because I love every part of Ward 5 and I think it’s time for a new generation of leadership,” she explains. “We also need more women in politics.

“As a local business owner, I know firsthand the challenges that small business owners face. My career has been spent in purchasing where I’ve been able to save money, and I plan on bringing this knowledge to our county in order to create savings for our local taxpayers.

Her goals include keeping taxes low while providing efficient services.

“I will fight for our rural communities and make sure to keep our seat at the table due to increasing population growth in other parts of the county.”

Kidd also supports a local indoor pool, bringing high speed internet to rural homes and working on services for seniors to help keep them in their homes.

“I will make your voice heard and ensure proper community consultation takes place. It is important that we get input from Ward 5 residents on how the Community Vibrancy Fund allocated to our area should be spent.”

She says her family feels blessed to be able to work and live in Ward 5. “My husband Neville and I both grew up camping in Dunnville/Byng and we moved here to raise our children, Lauren, Xander and Nicole.”