Jarvis resident Stewart Patterson was quick to file his candidacy for ward 1 councillor in the upcoming election.

After narrowly missing the majority vote in his last two very strong attempts, Patterson hopes the saying “third time’s a charm” holds true.

Patterson says he will not only bring a new perspective and approach to the Councillor position, he also brings an impressive resume. After 30 years of working at the Stelco-U.S. Steel mill in Nanticoke, and serving on the Union Executive for several terms, he is now retired with time to devote to municipal matters.

If elected, Patterson promises he will bring a “full-time commitment, a common sense attitude, a guarantee to see challenges through, and a promise to listen and represent Ward 1 and Haldimand County as a whole”.

He adds his past experiences are evidence of his ability to be a team player, and if elected, his ability to represent the interests of Haldimand County.

Patterson is heavily involved within the community. He became a Jarvis Lions Member in 1987, and has since held positions as President, Treasurer, Governor, and Council Chair, leading Lions of Ontario. He currently oversees Lions training initiatives in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

He is a member on Haldimand County’s Committee of Adjustment and the Jarvis Board of Trade, as well as the Vice Chair of Haldimand County Police Services Board.

“I have always been active and involved within the community,” he says, “and strive to make a positive change.”

Patterson moved to Jarvis from Nr. Ireland when he was just 14 years old. He and his wife Nancy raised two children, Dylan and Darby, who both graduated university this spring “and like many young folks in our County are looking for work.”

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