Haldimand County has launched a new, online burn permit application for residents. The convenient online process allows residents of rural areas to apply for and receive burn permits without an in-person visit to the Administration Building. Residents who wish to apply may access the form at HaldimandCounty.ca/apply.

Burn permits are required for all open air, non-recreational fires. Burn permits are NOT issued for properties located within urban areas. Residents who are unsure whether their property falls within an urban boundary are encouraged to check the interactive permit eligibility map.

In order to receive a burn permit, specific requirements must be met.

Some requirements for conducting an open air burn:

  • Non-recreational burns shall be at least 60 meters from anything combustible, buildings or roadways
  • Open air burns shall be attended and controlled at all times
  • Open air burning shall not be conducted on foggy, humidex or air quality alert days
  • Open air burning shall not be conducted during burn bans
  • Open air burning shall not be conducted when the wind speed exceeds 20 KM/hour
  • Open air burning shall not be conducted when the wind direction is frequently changing
  • An open air burn permit must be on-site with a responsible individual during any burn
  • Open air burning shall be conducted between sunrise and sunset
  • Items such as (but not limited to) pressure-treated woods, metals, asphalt, tires, asbestos or vinyl shall not be burned
  • Open air burning shall be conducted in a burn area of manageable size not exceeding 6 meters by 6 meters
  • Open air burning shall not produce smoke that impacts the visibility of motorists
  • Open air burning shall not produce smoke that negatively impacts surrounding properties
  • A means of extinguishing an open air burn must be available
  • All open air burning must be completely extinguished before dusk

Once a burn permit application is received and approved through the new online system, applicants will be e-mailed a copy of the permit, no more than 3 days after submission. Permits are issued for the duration of the calendar year (e.g. 2021) regardless of the date the application is submitted.

Residents are reminded of the Haldimand County Open Air Burn by-law and urged to practice fire safety when conducting any type of burn. Questions regarding fire safety or open air burn requirements may be directed to the County’s Fire Prevention Bureau.

Complaints and fire responses to addresses conducting non-recreational open air burning without a proper permit, or individuals who are not following all rules and regulations outlined in the permit, will be found in contravention of Haldimand County By-Law 1662-16 and may be subject to fines and cost recovery for services.