By Chris Pickup

This has been a bit of a wild week on Cayuga’s Talbot Street, but that’s just the norm for those who see this kind of thing here on a daily basis. The police just happened to witness one for once.

Police on patrol saw a westbound motorcycle leave the Talbot Street roadway and travel along the sidewalk before turning into a business parking lot, Sunday afternoon. The driver, a 51 year old man from Hamilton, got his just dues.

But that’s not really the point. Many of us, and in particular Grant Church  of Cayuga, have been pounding on Mayor Ken Hewitt and anyone else on council who will listen (so far, no-one!) about the dangers of putting the new library on Talbot Street.

Hewitt even used putdowns in council on the Cayuga “deathtrap”, proving his total intransigence on the subject. And he has asked Church to stop emailing him on the subject.

But what if there had been people on that sidewalk?  Will Hewitt finally take us seriously when we tell him the area is dangerous for a new library? With his historical inability to take into account anyone’s views but his own, not likely.

A business couple pulled away from their Talbot Street store Wednesday evening and stopped to make a left turn onto the one-way Cayuga St. because of on-coming traffic.

In their own words, “A monstrous tanker truck did not stop or even slow down behind us as it came barreling over the bridge heading east.  It swerved around us through the parking spaces that are in front of our store, flew past us on the right in the intersection and of course the length and enormity of it resulted in it driving up against the curb in front of what will be the library.  It travelled in the parking spaces on the highway in front of it.  This scenario happens regularly.”

Now email-banned by Hewitt, Grant Church is a regular customer in their store.  He witnesses the scary, ever-increasing traffic. There were strict restrictions on the size and weight of vehicles coming over the old bridge.  Unlimited now on the new, are the number of large floats carrying manufacturing equipment, double-tanker trucks of flammable fuels, everything from liquefied nitrogen and wide-load transports and giant farming machinery.

The new fire station and EMS is located on Hwy at Thorburn so all emergency vehicles travelling either east or west enter this intersection crossing on red lights, including the speeding OPP.

I have personally seen this on numerous occasions. And from the viewpoint of the sidewalk it is terrifying to feel yourself pulled by the wind rush and noise of the huge vehicles coming one after the other just inches away.

Hewitt in his arrogance thinks we are making this all up because we are what he once referred to as “those who resist change, so sometimes to make progress we have to force things through”. 

Think again Hewitt. It’s not progress to force a community to accept something that’s inherently dangerous. It’s just stupid!