by Chris Pickup

23 Haldimand County employees are on the sunshine list for 2017,  one more than the previous year.

Heading the list is CAO Don Boyle who raked in a few dollars short of $195,000 plus taxable benefits of $6,800. No-one else on the list came even close to Boyle’s benefits.

Next in line is Karen General, General Manager of Corporate Services, who earned $167,288 plus taxable benefits of $876.10.

Community Services manager Hugh Hanly, Planning and Economic Development manager Craig Manley and Public Works Manager Paul Mungar all clicked in at $156,345 plus taxable benefits of $876.

Tyson Haedrich, director engineering services, earned $131,869 plus $771, Phil Mete, administration accommodation co-lead $129,406 plus $840.

Paid $123,242 plus benefits of $720 were various department managers John Fagan, Ernest Hammond, Mark Merritt (treasurer), and Jeffery Oakes. Cathy Case, Manager Support Services was paid a few dollars short of $121,000 plus $706 benefits. David Aldred, manager facilities and parks earned $116,295 plus $679 benefits.

Paid $115,177 and change plus $673 taxable benefits were various department managers Randall Charlton, Clerk Evelyn Eichenbaum, Michael Evers, Joanne Jackson, Wilma Koziello and Sheila Wilson.

Lidy Romanuk, manager economic development and tourism was paid $107,619 plus $630, Megan Jamieson, Human resources $107,259 + $628,  David Pressey, mgr solid waste $105,056 plus $615, and last, but not least important in the scheme of things, Jason Gallagher, EMS/fire chief $104,800 + $591 expenses.

The province has required, since 1996, that organizations receiving public funding from the government of Ontario disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in a given year.

The County backgrounder noted this threshold has not been increased in the 21 years since it was imposed, and they expect to see reporting of non-management positions such as paramedics and registered nurses in the near future.