In reading Mr Spears’ letter I am torn, it’s such a well written letter and he seems to be covering a lot of ground in a positive way. However those who have been watching council and staff over the years have seen a lot of abuse for the tax payer.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of heading south for the winter, we’re stuck having the county in our lives all year long.

We are simply tired of the fluffed up bull that this county is passing as the truth. Mr Morison called a private meeting, a meeting that did nothing except foster positive fuzzy feeling because that’s what he wanted.

Now everyone, especially those of his ward that didn’t get the invite, are not impressed. Instead of fluffing it up lying about his intentions why doesn’t he simply say it was a mistake to do this: it undermines the democratic rights of the people who voted for him.

Instead politicians feel it’s better to try to warp the truth. I know as a Canadian voter I simply want the truth, the hard facts… let me decide what rumours are true or not, or doesn’t he trust that process?

Also speaking to rumours at the county by not having an open door, let’s get it out there, talk. Isn’t he really hiding the facts and just encouraging more rumours? As a politician he is paid to inform, debate, and discuss or did you forget this?

Also to correct “to vent his or her negative viewpoints”, I have seen several issues raised on this blog and in the media. Negative issues or viewpoints are a matter of debate … who says your views are correct or that the others are? In the process of debating and getting the rumours out there, to have discussions, would this not settle a lot of things?

But now instead you’re claiming that other people’s views are wrong. That’s like saying the Liberals are right or the NDP or the PC. It depends on what side of the fence you’re on; they call that democracy, the right of every Canadian to say and be heard to vote for what you believe is right or wrong.

Good for you that you put pen to paper to speak up for your friend. I put pen to paper to speak on behalf of the rest of us, and my belief is that it was wrong. His personal shots at the Cayuga business person was absolutely outside the realm of his office seating.

Randy Desnoyers