Health Unit staff have determined that a significant number of the positive cases at Anson Place can be traced to attendance at a funeral. A public health management plan has been initiated to address this and includes testing attendees and formulating self-isolation plans.

37 residents of Hagersville’s Anson Place long-term care facility and retirement home have tested positive for COVID-19. Among five recent deaths, four have been confirmed as being related to COVID-19.

Additionally, 21 staff have tested positive. These individuals are not working at the facility. Thirty-five staff have tested negative.

As an additional measure, all staff who are caring for residents at Anson Place are also in self-isolation, with the exception that they may travel to and from work at the facility.

As part of the Health Unit’s public health management plan, residents are in self-isolation in their rooms, and staff are wearing full personal protective equipment to protect themselves and residents and prevent the spread of the virus.

Health Unit staff continue to work closely with Anson Place to manage the outbreak, and are providing support with the recruitment of staff to assist the facility.

Overall HN Health unit COVID-19 results reported today:
Lab-confirmed, negative cases: 367
Lab-confirmed, positive cases:  81
Recovered: 7
Deaths:  5