Are these trees too close together? Would the owner be better off cutting them down immediately and starting over with something else?

When you ask a 25-year-old about trees, you will find out what can be learned from books. When you ask a 75-year-old about trees, you will find out what can be learned from experience. Books and experience are both valuable, but each is most valuable when supported by the other.

That’s why Haldimand County will never get all the good it could out of its arborist until it gets serious about public input.

Speaking of public input, in one of his e-mails defending his controversial decision to cut down most of the trees in Cayuga’s Library Parkette because they were too close together, the arborist mentions ”the landscape architect who designed the [new] planting plan,” which he goes on to describe in detail.

On September 18, 2017, Haldimand County Council resolved ”THAT a single project for landscape architecture design services be identified in the amount of $75,000 to develop design concepts with public input and develop construction costs for the Village Green, Library Parkette, Cayuga Administration and Museum property and Bob Baigent Park.”

If I am correct in my impression that no public consultation has yet taken place, then how can a planting plan designed by a landscape architect even exist, let alone be partially implemented?

Have county staff done something they were explicitly directed by council not to do—hired a landscape architect and developed a park plan without public input?

David McClung, Cayuga