By Chris Pickup

The Cayuga Kinsmen Hall was packed with an attentive audience on Saturday afternoon to hear seven separate presentations on what the county has been doing to the village of Cayuga.

It was clear that most attendees, while already angry with council, had only an inkling of the full truth of what was happening behind the scenes.

Judy Agis acted as moderator for the meeting, with a short introduction of each speaker.  She made it clear all speakers’ assertions were backed up with documentation.

Topics ranged over Haldimand County museum and archives, log cabin, new library, new administration building, trails, streetscaping and parking, and parks. All presentations are posted in the opinion section of the website

A man from Caledonia asked and was allowed to speak from the podium on what went on with the Caledonia Old Mill and how the footprint of the new commercial building has increased.

Another from the Jarvis area horrified the audience with his tale of his personal dealings with the county.

A lively discussion ensued. And the anger was palpable.

Many said they found councillors and particularly senior staff arrogant, dismissive, difficult and uncaring of their opinion. They were fed up with the lack of information on what was happening in their community.

“They’re incompetent,” one complained of the staff. “they feel they’re untouchable. Give them new bosses.”

“They’ve mangled dozens of regulations, and they expect us to follow them,” another said.

They felt the decisions on projects were already made well before the public got to know about them.

One man, however, while also critical of senior staff, noted that distinction should be made between senior staff and the junior staff who have to take direction from them. “Many are excellent at their jobs, but are directed by senior staff  he said.

There was universal agreement this council has to go, and there was some discussion on how to achieve that. Look for a hard-hitting campaign season.


These presentations are posted in the opinion column of this website,

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