QUEEN’S PARK – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett outlined the $5-million-plus the Ontario government is investing in the two counties during a statement in the Ontario Legislature. 

“The county of Haldimand will receive over $2.6 million, and the county of Norfolk will receive over $2.5 million,” Barrett said in the Ontario Legislature while thanking Infrastructure Minister Laurie Scott.

“This investment comes from the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, also known to our municipal partners as OCIF. OCIF is a $200-million fund that supports rural, small and northern communities across Ontario with populations under 100,000.”

The money can be used by the municipalities to fix local roads, to repair community bridges or to address the needs of water and waste water projects.

“I look forward to the shovel-ready projects that both Norfolk and Haldimand will spend the almost $5.2 million this year on for our community infrastructure, and I really look forward to attending the events with our municipal partners that show how our hard-earned tax dollars are being put to work fixing, repairing and rebuilding municipal infrastructure where they feel they need it most,” Barrett told the Legislature.