QUEEN’S PARK – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett questioned the constitutionality of the federal government’s carbon tax legislation during Question Period in the Ontario Legislature today.

“While we know that the Trudeau Liberals’ carbon tax will obviously drive up the costs of goods and services we all rely on every day, some have been asking what is the rationale for participating in two challenges,” Barrett said.

“Can the Attorney General share with this House why participating in two challenges is important?”

Attorney General Caroline Mulroney answered, “Our ask of the Ontario Court of Appeal is to provide advice on whether or not the federal carbon tax is unconstitutional in whole or in part. Our legal team is going to work hard and has been working hard to build our case, and our government is confident in our position and that we will win.”

Legislation introduced last week in regards to cancelling the cap-and-trade legislation, if passed, would repeal the failed Cap-and-Trade legislation; protect taxpayers from further costs; set out regulation-making authority for a compensation framework; and requires the Ontario government to develop a climate change plan that reports back on progress.

During the exchange in Barrett’s supplementary question, it was revealed the government will be asking the Ontario Court of Appeal if the federal carbon tax is unconstitutional. Mulroney also reported the challenge will cost less than initially thought.