In a high stakes game of chicken, demonstrators have begun removing their road blockades in Caledonia.
“Hopefully between today, tomorrow and the next day we’ll see some movement on the bypass and Highway 6 barricades,” said spokesperson Skyler Williams,
“If the actions of the OPP are of de-escalation we’ll meet that in kind,” he added. “As long as the police presence and police activity isn’t one of enforcement, shooting and tasering and dragging our people off our own lands.”
“When we’re spending all our time talking about road barricades and rail blockades and highway blockades it leaves very little time and space to be able to talk about the real issue here and that’s the land,” he added.

Const. Rod LeClair said the roads will need to be inspected and repaired, if needed, before they can officially reopen, noting he didn’t have a specific timeline for when that would happen.
LeClair said the OPP’s provincial liaison team is continuing to communicate with demonstrators and community members “who have voiced their concerns.”