Clare Balch writes that he is “excited to see all the construction that is happening around the town of Cayuga” and hopes that “means more jobs and more tax income for municipal projects and infrastructure upkeep.” He then laments that “there have been many negative Facebook posts and letters in the paper” criticising these construction projects.

Mr. Balch needs to analyse his facts more carefully. The Haldimand Motors tire centre, the new commercial buildings across from Haldimand Motors, and the remodelling of the old Mac’s Milk store are likely to result in more jobs for residents and increased tax revenue for the municipality. But these projects have not been criticised.

The projects that have been criticised—the County Administration Building, the Cayuga library, and the Cayuga Bridge Trail—will result merely in the relocation of existing jobs from one building to another. Furthermore, as County-owned facilities, none of them will pay any taxes, and the library and the trail will actually result in a reduction of tax revenue since they are both being built on formerly private property that used to pay taxes but now won’t.

As for Mr. Balch’s aversion to criticism, it was shared by a number of elected and non-elected officials, both past and present, county and country, who proceeded, once in office, to advance their own agendas to the disservice of the people.

For awhile they manage to silence all opposition, but history has told a different story. Sometimes it is necessary for the people to stand up to these betrayers and go public with what is really happening. Historically their personal agendas didn’t work out so well for business or the people.  Perhaps Mr. Balch should be careful what he wishes for.

Judy Agis, Cayuga