By Chris Pickup

Haldimand stands to save $600,000 with the proposed change of responsibility for recycling moving from municipalities to producers. Over the years the amount of materials received in the municipal program has not gone down, but the income from it has.

Householders will likely not see the difference in service, setting out their blue boxes as usual with the changes happening behind the scenes.

The move is intended to make producers look at their packaging habits.

“It’s up to producers whether they want to involve the municipality or if the municipality wants to be involved,” says county staff. 

There will be some work to be done to close out the different contracts the county has with its present suppliers.

It is staff’s intent that about the time of transitioning, organic recycling could go to green bins, spending blue box savings on a new program. However there are not enough locations to handle the organic materials at present and the county intends to talk with neighbouring municipalities to come up with options.