This morning, the City of Hamilton announced a mandatory ban on all non-essential outdoor water use across all parts of Hamilton until July 13. As Caledonia and Cayuga’s water supply comes from Hamilton’s drinking water system, residents of these communities are being asked to comply with the complete ban.

Residents of Cayuga, Caledonia and surrounding areas on the Hamilton water system can still hand-water their flowers and vegetable gardens, or water newly installed sod as needed.

The mandatory restrictions in effect for are resulting from construction at Hamilton’s Woodward Water Treatment Plant, which is temporarily limiting the plant’s capacity for treating water. This construction project was scheduled to be complete before the hot weather brought increased demand on the water supply. However, delays to the project require this action be taken to ensure the water supply in Hamilton and surrounding areas is not interrupted.

The mandatory ban is in place to prevent low or no water pressure, or not enough water for fighting fires.

All other areas of the County remain under Level 2 outdoor water use restrictions, which requires outdoor water use (e.g. lawn watering, pool-filling, residential vehicle washing, etc.) to be performed on alternate days only. Odd-numbered premises should water on odd-numbered days, and even-numbered premises should water on even-numbered days.

Haldimand County thanks residents who rely on Hamilton water for their cooperation in limiting all non-essential outdoor water use until Monday, July 13, as well as residents who are complying with Level 2 water use restrictions.