From the Haldimand County website

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, following the granting of permanent injunctions to Foxgate Developments and Haldimand County to prohibit the continued occupation of the development site in Caledonia or on municipal property, a group of protestors began illegal and violent actions to block and vandalize municipal and Provincial property and roads.

While Haldimand County has consistently supported the need for senior levels of government to address outstanding indigenous land claims in our area, the actions of a few that flaunt our basic institutions and the rule of law must be condemned. No matter how important an issue may be, deliberately taking illegal actions that create chaos for others cannot be tolerated. The end does not justify the means in a civil society regardless of historic injustices.

Haldimand County is using all of its resources and influence with the Province, the Ontario Provincial Police and Six Nations to encourage and promote a peaceful restoration of the blocked roads and end to the illegal occupation of lands. We do not believe that the actions taken yesterday reflect the values of the wider Six Nations community, nor have the support of its leaders and we are hopeful that the community will similarly condemn the use of illegal tactics and take action to help resolve the matter quickly and peacefully.

Residents who are impacted by these actions are asked to remain calm and have patience as we work toward a resolution of this very fluid situation. The County is taking steps to ensure that fire and paramedic services remain available to respond quickly to any calls for service and that, as much as possible, adequate traffic management initiatives are in place and all services continue to be provided. Residents are encouraged to visit for information on road closures and service changes that may occur as a result of the current situation.

Mayor Ken Hewitt said “we recognize how difficult and unfair it is to our community to regularly be dramatically impacted as pawns in a dispute in which we are not a party. The current road blockades and damage to them need to be resolved immediately and anyone who believes in a just and fair society where laws have meaning should be advocating to the Province to take appropriate steps in this regard.”

Statement from Mayor Ken Hewitt & Council regarding McKenzie Meadows occupation

A permanent injunction has been granted by Justice Harper to both Foxgate Developments and Haldimand County.

Sadly, Six Nations missed an opportunity today to bring both Crowns into court.  As I mentioned, Skyler had the opportunity to help further the cause that everyone on Six Nations has been long awaiting and hoping for.

His choice to continue to abuse the process and openly defy the court that was prepared to facilitate the Crown legally into the proceedings has let all of Six Nations and those in Caledonia affected down.

He does not want to be called a leader, but his actions over the past few months have warranted that and he has assumed a role with his postings, his ask for monies, and his support of violent actions that have transpired over time.

I have and will always support a process that brings the Nations together to adopt a transparent methodology that will advance the Haldimand Tract claims. It must be done peacefully and respectfully.   None of which would be consistent of the actions of those on McKenzie Meadows.

Striking a working table that can capture the needs of those on Six Nations and ensuring their voices are heard within the context of what could be Nation to Nation would be a positive step in achieving a solution. One that many people could get behind.

He has been clear that he does not lead his people, and I would agree with him on that. Most do not lead, but many follow. When decisions are made by people of influence, such as Skyler that ultimately affect others, it will bring scrutiny and many opinions. A decision made will never capture the interests of everyone especially one so polarizing as ongoing land disputes.

So again I would ask what is the true agenda of these protestors and Skyler? It is not to advance the claims process because they passed on that opportunity. Any argument made forthwith now carries no weight with respect to the outstanding claims that are in front of the Federal Courts.

Stay safe,

Mayor Ken Hewitt