Twenty years ago, an executive for a shoe company told me, “If we’re not in China, we’re not in business.”

I can’t say for sure that he was wrong. With the advantage of hindsight I can say that because so many business leaders shared his opinion, we’re all in a mess.

In many ways China is like the old Soviet Union. There is no respect for human life or dignity. The people work for low wages in unsafe conditions.The environment gets even less respect than the people.

While there was no economic interplay with the “evil empire” we have turned China into an economic powerhouse. We’re exploiting the Chinese people, destroying the environment and worst of all, helping a Communist dictatorship become dangerously wealthy. Why? So we can get our stuff cheaper.

If all the factory jobs in China were back here we could afford to pay more for our stuff. The environment would thank us and we wouldn’t be facing the prospect of another evil empire. Also there is evidence that Covid19 gained a foothold because China silenced a doctor (officially she went missing) who intended to blow the whistle early on.

Personally I’m boycotting “made in China.” If enough people do it, companies will build stuff elsewhere. Capitalism and Communism don’t mix. We used to know that.

Doug Fleming