The GRCA is warning of possible flooding along the Grand River as a warm front is forecast to move into the watershed on Monday and persist through Wednesday next week.

Daytime temperatures could reach 6 degrees on Monday, and 12 degrees on Tuesday with overnight temperatures on Monday expected to remain high.

In addition up to 40mm of rainfall across the watershed is expected in the same two days.

This combination is expected to trigger moderate runoff into the river system resulting in snow melt and elevated flows in rivers and streams across the watershed, pushing river levels higher with minor flooding in low lying areas.

It is expected that runoff will cause current ice in the river to break up, adding to current stable ice jams in place in the Grand River including Cayuga. It is not possible to predict if ice jams will release during this event.

Haldimand County flood co-ordinators are asked to warn residents in the floodplain in the Town of Cayuga of the potential for ice jam flooding next week, beginning Monday evening through Thursday.