by Chris Pickup

A portrait of Sir Frederick Haldimand will be gracing a wall at the new Cayuga Administration building (CAB), courtesy of Port Maitland “On the Grand” Historical Association.

Bill Warnick, president of the PMHA, had approached council in committee in May with a proposal to commission the portrait and donate the artwork to Haldimand County, to be hung in a prominent place within the building.

After some staff consultation on the project over the past few months, council in committee approved the donation Tuesday.

While its initial installation will be in CAB, it may periodically be displayed in other public county facilities as part of specific exhibitions. Conservation and maintenance will be the responsibility of Haldimand Museums.

Haldimand County will provide a frame for the finished piece, to be carried out by a professional at a cost of approximately $1,000 to $1,250 depending on such factors as size, medium, or possible need for glazing, and added to the CAB budget.

While Sir Frederick, governor of Quebec which included Ontario at the time, never lived in what is now Haldimand county, he and Sir John Johnson, his Superintendent of Indian Affairs, helped settle the Iroquois who had been driven out of New York during the war for American independence. 

The Haldimand Proclamation awarded them a tract of land on the Grand River, part of which is now known as Six Nations of the Grand River, approximately five percent of the original tract.

Six Nations and New Credit as well as cultural staff have been consulted on the project and have articulated no concerns.

The staff report noted the portrait will promote Haldimand county’s history and diversity for generations to come.