It’s day one of the new school year at Caledonia Centennial Public School (CCPS) and a new Facebook group set up in July, Parents of Students in Caledonia Ontario, is already reporting on conditions at the school.

Linner Ren posted that the Grade 1/2 split is already at 28 students, while Grade 5 is at 26 students.

The group, fed up with conditions at Caledonia Centennial Public School (CCPS) the last school year, has been pushing for action from the Grand Erie School Board.

CCPS is the first school in the area to be affected by new housing development, but soon all schools will feel the harsh effects, warned the new Facebook page.

The parents charged that in 2018, some classrooms at CCPS had more kids and teachers enrolled in the classroom than the Ontario Fire Code allows.

“Last year we saw major increases in numbers all year due to the new development and we expect to see the same this year,” Ren states today.

“We were assured the board of education planned to start with smaller class sizes to offer a “buffer zone”. Day one and that “buffer zone” is already diminished. These large classes set the students and teachers up for failure.

“Keep in mind the Ontario Fire Code allows a maximum number of BODIES in a classroom (1.85 m2 per person).

“The number of bodies per classroom will vary depending on size of classroom and furniture but I know certain classrooms can hold no more than 35 people – including teachers).

“As the numbers grow families are encouraged to call fire prevention if you have a concern they are approaching the maximum capacity. Advocate for your kids and the staff at CCPS.”

A comment on Ren’s post: “And the Ministry of Education class size tracker webpage is still claiming “Large primary classes (25 or more) have been phased out.”

The group encourages anyone who wants to advocate for the children of Caledonia or to read more about some of the issues they face, to join the Facebook page Parents of Students in Caledonia Ontario

Plans are for petitions, meeting with fellow parents, local politicians such as MPP Toby Barrett, the councillor and anyone else who might make a difference. 

“We welcome anyone with positive intentions, to join the group and help us make a difference.”