There have been numerous and differing reasons given by various members of the Haldimand County council to validate their unanimous decision to move our public library from the Market Square to a site on busy Highway 3.

In July 2017, Councilman Fred Morison said the library move to Highway 3 was to preserve the Market Square green space. When that excuse was disproved, Chief Administrative Officer, Don Boyle, sitting beside Mayor Ken Hewitt, cited a letter from Sullivan Mahoney LLP, dated September 6, 2016, in which the legal counsel stated that they could not find a Crown Patent for the Market Square, and in its absence the County does not own the land in question. Just to be completely clear, the decision to the move the library was made prior to the release of the legal opinion.

Subsequently, a professional title searcher located the patent, and confirmed the fact that the County does own the land known as the Market Square and has owned it since 1861. The market square is where our current library stands, and a library has stood since 1868. It is also where Councilman Morison said, in February 2014, that the new library would be built.

After Mayor Ken Hewitt admitted the validity of the patent, and while sitting next to CAO Don Boyle, Mayor Hewitt stated that the patent issue was not the only reason for the decision to move the library to Highway 3.

Why is the real reason for the relocation of our library a big secret? Could it be that there is no justification for the move and added expense? Every time these members of council come up with an excuse and are proven by members of the concerned public to be grasping at straws, they come up with a new story.  It is obvious we cannot believe anything this council tells us.

Judy Agis, Cayuga