By Chris Pickup

“Absolute power corrupts,” councillor Bernie Corbett mused at Tuesday’s Haldimand council in committee, referring to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) Board.

“This what I see when I look at this setup.”

Corbett was a new Haldimand appointee to the NPCA Board this term and was leery of it from the beginning. The previous term of the Board had been something of a shambles, prompting the province to step in to cut the Niagara representation on the board, and add representation from Hamilton and Haldimand.

While there is an uneasy agreement on Board representation for now, “It’s up in the air as to what representatives will do.”  Corbett would like to have the mayors hold a discussion on the subject. “Right now it’s in flux.”

The other Haldimand representative, councillor Rob Shirton, said Niagara was open to having the discussion. There’s a 90 day window  before either the province or a judge will be forced to step in to settle the dispute. 

“The sooner we can get a decision, the sooner there will be continuity on this board,” he said.

Meanwhile, Corbett had already made arrangements to jump ship from the NPCA, citing inconsistent meeting dates conflicting with dates Corbett is committed to for other Boards he sits on. 

“I am already going to miss a major meeting,” he commented.

Councillor John Metcalfe has agreed to swap roles with Corbett, taking the NPCA position while Corbett steps back into the GRCA in Metcalfe’s place.