What is the true reason for the unnecessary and unsuitable decision to relocate the new Cayuga Library from the present serene location on the Market Square to the horrendous traffic situation on Hwy 3?

It has yet to be made public.

Millions of tax-payers dollars are being squandered by Haldimand County Council to facilitate this change.

At Council in Committee on Feb. 27, Mayor Hewitt “clarified” the reason the Library location was moved to Hwy 3. The Mayor’s statements directly contradicted the reason given publicly by CAO Don Boyle three weeks ago.

Boyle stated there was a cloud on the ownership of the Village Green due to a never issued Patent (Deed). This Patent was subsequently found by concerned citizens. The Mayor said the “lost” Patent had nothing to do with the library relocation. He said that the change was supported by the Library Board and staff and the Chamber of Commerce.

This is the same Library Board and staff who in 2013 wholeheartedly supported the Market Square as the new library location and were backed up by Council, Admin Staff, Chamber of Commerce and citizens.

The CAO says one thing – the mayor says the exact opposite. We wish our council and staff would better co-ordinate their misleading, self-serving statements so we could more easily keep track of the latest version.

Then, who is responsible? It has been said that Councillor Morison was instrumental in the decision to relocate the new library. Possibly he knows why the expensive and dangerous Hwy 3 location was chosen. It seems obvious neither the Mayor or CAO Boyle have a clue to the answer.

John Walker, Cayuga