by Chris Pickup

Caledonia will have a hard time recognizing itself soon with the rate of housing development planned for the town.

An application by Beattie Homes for a 700 unit subdivision of approximately 108 acres between McKenzie Rd and River Road will be placed before council in committee Feb 6. This is the first step in a long process.

Staff recommend that prior to the granting of draft approval for the plan of subdivision, council be provided with a report outlining the final draft plan design and associated draft approval conditions and a further public meeting be held. They also support the principle of front-ending the development of a south end by-pass arterial road.

Staff noted this is the second major development to come forward in the last six months in the south end of Caledonia. McKenzie Meadows, with 218 units, is immediately to the west of this new proposed subdivision.

The Beattie project lands already contain hydro and gas transmission infrastructure within a dedicated corridor that runs along the entire northerly boundary. A mature woodlot and a watercourse would both be retained and integrated into the subdivision design.

The proposal is for a mix of single detached and rowhouses with large porches to the front and recessed garages to give a more community feel.