Haldimand council is determined to move the Nicholas Log Cabin off the Cayuga courthouse grounds to the Wilson MacDonald school museum in Selkirk, even though it will cost taxpayers in the neighbourhood of $100,000 to do so.

In addition the cabin, while well-maintained, is beginning to deteriorate in the manner of such buildings that were never intended to last for a long time. Moving it would accelerate this problem, if not destroying it altogether.

The building is presently nestled next the Haldimand Museum in a natural setting of trees and brush where it attracts tourists in conjunction with the Haldimand museum. In Selkirk, it will be looking out on a sea of industrial wind turbines.

County staffer Craig Manley told council the log cabin was better suited to the Wilson MacDonald site, though how he came to that conclusion is difficult to understand. The log cabin is built in traditional early settler British style, while the school museum is traditional to the general Mennonite style of its surrounding countryside.

The move was originally planned because council intended to remove all buildings and sell the courthouse grounds for private residential development. That rationale no longer applies since council has vowed to keep the grounds as parkland.

For more information on the Nicholas Log Cabin, visit www.haldimandcounty.on.ca