by Sig Rose, Dunnville

What Chris Pickup wrote (Haldimand County’s Shell Game) is the truth! I don’t understand why so many people have a hard time digesting it.

Unfortunately there seem to be a great many people who follow the underhanded, backroom, deceitful machinations of this council and senior staff and defend them like a bunch of babbling sheep. 

Dunnville Councillor Corbett has maintained that he voted for the Cayuga Hotel site based on the information provided, and the fact that Councillor Morison tossed in $1.2 million in vibrancy money put the icing on the cake for Corbett. 

It is common knowledge that the library board, the chamber of commerce AND the council and staff endorsed the Village Green as the location of a new library, to be built in 2015. That is a known fact! 

What I would like to know is whether the information that Councillor Corbett refers to, which was provided by the infallible senior staff, included the false information that there was a “cloud” on ownership of the village green property and if the information they were given included the false information that the village green site would result in all the green space being covered by parking lot. This was all false, misleading information! 

And it is a known fact that Morison acquired two pieces of property just down the street from the Cayuga Hotel site. That is FACT. And Morison pledged $1.2 million of our Vibrancy Fund money if this new library was built on that site. 

Why was that offer not provided three years ago, for the Village Green site, when costs would have been lower? The mayor and councillors complain that because projects couldn’t get started sooner, prices go up. 

And of course now both the library board and museum board are all for where it is now being built. When did the library board decide to endorse the downtown location? Was it after Morison offered $1.2 million? Why would the curator of the county museums NOT endorse the new site? Isn’t there a job she wants to protect? It stinks! Plain and simple! 

Any criticism is quickly countered by Hewitt. 

There is so much bafflegab about the rail trail being fully accessible and Hewitt’s claim is that the trail is exempt from that requirement. Reading the regulations would indicate that’s not the case. But whatever!! 

Did someone screw up in the design or construction? The county would never admit it. But the bottom line for the public is that if you are not able-bodied, take the Grand Vista Trail off your bucket list. 

The election is just a few days away. We’ll soon see how many ewes accept the underhanded manipulation that has gone on. Major change is needed!!