By Chris Pickup

Nine Haldimand community members spent some time in jail Wednesday afternoon for their ‘crimes’. They had volunteered to be jail bait in the second annual H-N United Way Jail and Bail fundraiser in Cayuga. The OPP’s Rod LeClair was in evidence to keep things legal.

The criminals and their ‘crimes’ were:

Andrew Bergsma– taking time while running for councillor for ward 1 to raise money for a great cause!

Lori Elgin – I was arrested for tipping 2 cows last week! (Elgin’s Birther Cowley costume was deemed the best.)

Ray Hunsinger – Campaigning in my sleep

Donna Pitcher – “illegally” arrested by the Haldimand OPP for resisting arrest while campaigning in my nightgown blowing bicycle horns after the midnight hour”. (This won her the award for most creative crime.)

Kevin Porritt – Former Cayuga Foodland turned Cayuga Home Hardware employee, was caught stealing at Foodland!

Valerie Posthumus – I ate the last of the desserts after our 150th anniversary open house

Valya Roberts – Missing work from travelling too much.

Susan Roach – Hogging time at meetings by not knowing when to stop talking, being opinionated and attempting to solve the problems of the world.

Bonnie Slater – Being too perfect!

There was the potential to be jailed for up to two hours in the temporary cell on the Cayuga Foodland lot until they raised bail. Even then they could be sent back if someone bribed the jailer $50 to keep them in.

Members of Community Addiction and Mental Health Care (CAMHS), who are one of the groups funded by United Way, volunteered their services as jailers. A speaker from the group noted that often people can end up in jail simply because they are living with mental health issues. 

“It’s a myth these people are more violent,” she said. “They are more likely to be victims of violence.”

The United Way supported some 12,400 people last year. This year’s campaign fundraising goal is $375,000.

The United Way had also held a jail and bail in Norfolk earlier in the day.