By Chris Pickup

Councillor Bernie Corbett asked at Tuesday’s council in committee what if   anything was happening on the public transit front.

Craig Manley said staff met with Hamilton at a high level last summer regarding a bus into Haldimand and there “seemed to be some appetite for that”.

But CAO Dan Boyle said “there’s lots of T’s to cross and I’s to dot before any agreement.” It needs analysis and a survey of the community, he added. There are big costs moving forward and a huge workload to get an informed decision.

“We’re at the feasibility stage” he said. “We’re looking at about 18 months to get the information.”

The county is also looking at how Innisfil is dealing with the various ups and downs of using Uber.

I would caution council on setting expectations with the public,” Boyle said. “Conversation is good, but we need to make people aware of the huge costs before we move forward.” He added if it cost a huge amount in taxes, people might want to back off.

Councillor Tony Dalimonte said he had a meeting with the Poverty Action Partnership which sees Uber as a chance to help people countywide.

Boyle said he didn’t have the background into Uber, but “my sense is anyone in this community can set up as an Uber driver.” He promised to look into it.

Councillor Stewart Patterson said the nearest site Uber recognizes is Hamilton.

In response to questions at the council public meeting in Cayuga Wednesday, Boyle acknowledged there are two scenarios for public transit. 

“Council supports the Innisfil model philosophically,” he said.

From preliminary consultations with Hamilton re a Hwy 6 bus, It will be a very expensive proposition, and most likely would come only as far as Caledonia, he warned.