John and Lorna Walker have had enough. 

The couple is packing up their Neat Little Bookshop on Talbot Street across Seneca from the Cayuga Hotel because there is simply no parking for their customers.

“We survived one streetscaping;  we cannot survive another,” Lorna says sadly.

Parking has been limited for years while the business has struggled to find parking spaces for their Thursday book club discussions without taking what is available for customers of businesses on Cayuga Street.

Now, with the ongoing demolition of the Cayuga hotel the parking available on Seneca street and the hotel parking lot is gone, as well as on-street parking on Talbot Street itself. That parking will not return until 2019 when the new library/heritage centre is slated to be finished. Enforced two hour parking is all that is left.

The couple cannot wait that long, and plan to be out of business by the end of July before the economics of having no customers sends them into financial problems.

Lorna views the old downtown business section as the heart of the village and has always believed that the village on the Heritage Grand River (It is designated!) is a tourist attraction with a rich history.

“I wonder about the other small businesses in the downtown,” she says.