Another racer caught on Hwy. 6

Another 20 year old was caught on Hwy. 6 near Unity Road driving southbound at more than double the posted speeding limit of 80 kph, just after midnight Tuesday. OPP followed the vehicle and located it on Argyle St. North.

Steven Lucken of Caledonia has been charged with racing and careless driving. His driver’s licence was seized and suspended for seven days, and his vehicle impounded for the same length of time.



Drinking and driving

A 23-year-old Canfield man has been charged with several offences including drinking and driving, following a traffic stop on Kohler Road, Cayuga last Thursday around 9 pm.

The vehicle caught the attention of an officer on patrol in the area, who followed it. While speaking with the male driver, the officer detected signs that the driver had consumed alcohol and also noticed open alcohol inside the vehicle. The driver was subsequently arrested and found to be more than two times over the legal limit.

Charged is 23-year-old Joshua Shipstone of Canfield with: Driving a motor vehicle with more than 80 milligrams of alcohol in his blood; Having open liquor in a motor vehicle; Failing to surrender an insurance card