By Chris Pickup

The new Dunnville Farmers’ Market finally opened over the weekend, to residents’ evident approval.

A frustrated Bernie Corbett had tackled county staff in council committee last week about the latest delay, citing drainage directed to the boat club and washed out parking after the recent heavy rains.

“The public wants reasons for so many delays,” he said.

General Manager of Planning Craig Manley told him a final inspection and walkabout was planned for that very day, and noted drainage problems were masked by the very dry summer, as was delay in hydro seeding. 

“We’re pushing as hard as possible to get the construction fence down, everyone will be on site today to see what needs to be done.”

CAO Don Boyle noted the original budget for the project was $250,000, and it’s now $1.9 million.

“Lots of water has gone under the bridge,” he said. “Lots of stakeholders, residents who think we should never have had it, and residents who wanted more.”

Boyle took full responsibility for the debacle. 

“In future we’ll give such a project to a dedicated project manager. Staff already had full plates. It’s my responsibility.

Hewitt noted “It’s a signature building that was never in the budget. We had to regroup several times along the way.”

Corbett acknowledged the opening at council Tuesday night, saying residents he talked to were happy with the project. “There are some issues outstanding,” he said, noting he was sure they can be solved.