By Chris Pickup

While the latest Caledonia roadblock has been dismantled, enquiring minds want to know just who’s on the line to pay for damages…. again.

Are these ‘demonstrators’ (otherwise known as thugs and vandals) going to be made to pay (loud cynical laughter) for the damage to police cruisers, innocent citizens’ cars, the CN control box, roadway damage and police time watching events unfold. Or inconvenience to residents.

Will those perpetrating these excesses get a personal bill? Indeed, will they even be charged? Do police even know who to charge?

Six Nations governance can’t control these ‘demonstrators’. Indeed, it’s impossible to sort through who’s really in charge on the reserve. Nominally, the elected band council is running the show, and all around appears to do a reasonable job at the behest of voters. And the majority of Six Nations residents just want to go about their lives in peace like the rest of us.

However, there are cadres of natives working in the shadows, from those supporting hereditary chiefs, those fighting unsubstantiated land claims, on down to criminal activity sometimes partnered with non-native outsiders.

Where these particular ‘demonstrators’ fit into the mix is up for grabs. However, it is informative that many of those publicly charged so far in the McKenzie Meadows injunctions appear to be non-native or non-county residents stirring the pot, so to speak.

How many Six Nations residents have been charged is not known.

Presumably the County and its residents are going to have to swallow it all, as usual. Insurance companies might on the surface pay for damage, but then premiums will go up.

Meanwhile, “The OPP Provincial Liaison Team continues its position aimed at bringing about a peaceful resolution through collaborative and respectful dialogue, while ensuring everyone’s safety and preserving their respective rights guaranteed by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.

Explain how rock throwing, blocking roads and rail damage factor into ‘collaborative and respectful dialogue’. Enquiring minds want to know.