Sidewalks on both sides of Talbot Street West in Cayuga have been cracking and buckling ever since they were built in 2015, and the problem continues with no sign of letting up.

This morning I counted all of the problems along this 800 metre stretch of road: eighteen sections of sidewalk have already been replaced, and thirteen more have begun the process that will result in their needing replacement soon.

The pattern has been the same for each faulty section.  First, a hairline crack appears all the way across a section of sidewalk.  A few weeks later the crack becomes easily visible, and the two pieces begin to buckle upward along the crack.  Within a few months, the section buckles so severely that it becomes a danger to pedestrians.  Finally, it has to be dug up and replaced by a new section of concrete sidewalk.




This problem, along with all the others associated with the Cayuga streetscaping plan, makes one wonder who is responsible for quality control on Haldimand County’s many multi-million dollar projects.

It also makes one wonder if the same issues will surface in a year or two in Hagersville, where sidewalks have just been rebuilt along King and Main Streets.

The citizens of Haldimand need a county government that will address problems like this openly and transparently.  They also need a government that will hold accountable the persons who have gotten so little value for public money.

David McClung