Chris, Firstly, in response to your question about why a Caledonia resident would be invited to a Cayuga councilor meeting and a deeper understanding of my connection to Fred, I live in Cayuga and my business owns a couple of properties in Cayuga as well, that I am told fall within two separate county zones.

Fred was invited to a business press release we held on a Saturday morning several years ago and I was pleased that he sacrificed his time to join us for that. Besides this meeting, I have only had brief discussions with Fred on a very few occasions spanning more than three years likely landing at an average of one brief conversation per year with a very few emails in total between us.

He would not have any idea if I would vote for him or not. I must confess that after the meeting I would now vote for him.

Thanks for using the word “credulous” to describe my knowledge base on the issues and my assessment of the meeting. You could have used a much stronger word because after all, I had absolutely no idea what the meeting with Fred would be about.

The contested meeting’s MC cold called our facility and dropped off an invitation for me, but at no time mentioned the invitation was exclusive. My invitation didn’t include the phrase “Invitation Only” or anything to show exclusivity in the guest selection.

Since I knew nothing about the history and years of frustration some in our county experienced, that all reached the surface at this meeting, I was only able to judge the questions and answers that went back and forth between Fred and some very upset residents, mainly surrounding the proposed new library location during this one event.

Everyone with questions were able to ask what they wanted, listen to Fred’s replies and then put follow up questions to Fred, and since the bulk of the comments and questions were from upset residents who seemed to know the history of the whole library location debacle, I could see that Fred was able to answer every question presented to him including even the sharpest complaint sent his way, while at the same time some points Fred made were unable to be refuted by the angry residents. So, Fred won the night from a debate standpoint.

Had the upset residents been able to make any points that could not be refuted by Fred at that meeting, I would be credulously on the side of the upset folks and the Regional News Forum. However, I am quite sure had the meeting resulted in me determining that Fred was in the wrong, based on this meeting alone, then no one from the Regional News Forum and none of the angry residents would then call me credulous.

Had this meeting revealed to me that Fred couldn’t answer the questions and I landed in agreement with the Regional News Forum and angry residents view, I believe you would then label me quite perceptive.

There were also some local residents who stated at the meeting that the green space area where the upset residents wanted the library, would no longer be green had the library been located there due to parking and facility crowding it out.

The easy and safe thing for me to do after that meeting would be to just let it go and not expose myself to public criticism. Some of your criticism was certainly deserved by me. I knew what would happen when I injected my post into the heart of the bad vibe noted in certain media areas online towards Fred.

But the readers of this post need to know, the meeting was upsetting to me to a point where I needed to lend a voice to another side on this as a neutral observer and take whatever criticism came my way for the sake of Fred.

Steve Fenton