By Kevan Pickup

Well if we owned a cottage we would expect to be going there on the May 24 weekend even if just to open ‘er up and check out everything. We aren’t going anywhere, our 5th wheel trailer sits quiet and unattended in our driveway, but that’s ok.

Cottage owners support the town people by subsidizing their property taxes for schools etc. and townsfolk go into the city for doctor’s appointments and groceries. You can’t have it both ways and you can’t assume people driving to the cottage have COVID-19.

And you can’t block Hwy 6 and stop bikers or anyone else going into Port Dover. But you can hand out tickets @ $800 a pop for not following social distancing protocol. (If you have the courage)
Ford has been unclear on his instructions regarding cottage owners.

Haldimand -Norfolk’s Medical Officer of Health issued an order April 23 forbidding cottage owners from outside the area from visiting their cottages until further notice. The problem according to Nesathurai is that a large group of people from a highly infectious place like Toronto could cripple the local health care system.
Many of the cottagers who received the notice were not impressed. After all they pay taxes on their cottages.

Ontario’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams prefers education and persuasion to keeping these birds in their cage. Haldimand’s Mayor Ken Hewitt is on record as opposing his MOH and Doug Ford.

Now today the premier has backed off somewhat.”This isn’t gonna be the typical May 24 weekend. I’m asking you please, don’t bring a whole pack of people. It’s not the party weekend that it’s been in the past. Go up there, check things out, try to bring your own home supplies up there”
And of course follow the rules that we are all living by in the rest of the province.

It would be nice if every official was on the same page instead of confusing the rest of us as to which direction we should be taking.