Dear Clayt, Thanks for the clarification.

Do people go to Quebec City to see big shiny buildings?

The Cayuga library location and museum and log cabin destruction plan are Fred’s ideas, not what the community wants.

Polling of 317 residents showed 81% of us wanted the library located in the Village Green, the site of the existing library, an area of ultimate safety for children. 93% want the museum and log cabin kept where they are.

Fred and the rest of Council have ignored the desires of the community. It wasn’t this way when we got the new arena. The past mayor and council worked with the community to achieve it, something we all wanted.

With the removal of the existing library and old fire hall, the building of the new library and parking lot will produce more green space, not less as Fred has stated.

A library is a social facility, not an economic tool as Council is making it out to be.

Boards are being manipulated into giving a desired recommendation. Once that’s done, they all vote for it. In Fred’s museum destruction speech before council, he said he met with the the Museum Advisory Board twice and called them all by phone.

I brought this to Council’s attention suggesting that he had sold them on this idea, and he did not deny it. Someone who had been on the board at the time said that he had told them they wanted to build condominiums on the Court House Grounds (CHG) for people who went South in the Winter and wanted to live in Cayuga in the Summer.

Another Councillor echoed this to some friends of mine. The plan was ultimately dropped along with the plan to sell the CHG. Despite that, they still plan to clear all buildings off the CHG. Why? It leads to suspicion.

Fred was elected on a mandate to put the new library at the site of the existing library. A staff report from 2013 said that Library Board and the Chamber of Commerce were in agreement on the Village Green location and Staff recommended it.

A professional engineer and two contractors have told me that the County Museum is in excellent shape, nothing that warrants demolition. At different times, I’ve reminded councillors about this. It is an irresponsible destruction of taxpayer’s assets.

A former Director of the Royal Ontario Museum recommends keeping the museum. He told me to fight like Hell. I told Council what the Director said. They’ve ignored everything. The museumette they want to place in the new library on Hwy. 3 is so Mickey Mouse it doesn’t qualify for the annual Provincial grant, another irresponsible act by Council.

I did go to the meeting, but since I didn’t have an invitation, I thought it was best to just sit in the lobby and listen. Fred spoke mean things about a Cayuga businessman at that Fisherville meeting, but the next day, he went and apologised to him. I do commend him for that.


Sincerely, Grant Church