By Chris Pickup

Whatever happened to law and order?

Despite the OPP’s long-running campaign exhorting the driving public to slow down and be mindful of safety, this week started off with a literal bang on Monday as a three car collision on Hwy 6 near Hagersville took the life of a 33 year old man and sent three other people to hospital, one in serious condition.

Meantime, Tony Dalimonte enquired at council Tuesday evening what was being done about speeding in the McKenzie Road area. He had been campaigning door to door there and “saw it first hand”.

Ken Hewitt replied that he had been talking to a couple of OPP officers who found it frustrating that as soon as radar is set up to catch speeders, its location is posted by residents on a number of social media sites. Oddly enough, he added, some of these posts come from those who complain most.

Leroy Bartlett personally “would like to see speeders caught and punished”. But on the other hand, if identifying radar locations on social media results in drivers not speeding, he added, “if we can get compliance”, then he’s in favour.

Getting compliance may be near about impossible with the county resources.

In response to a delegation at council in committee the week before, concerning trespassing, all night partying and roadside parking at the Hagersville quarry, much of it from ‘outsiders’, council had agreed to have a trial run Labour day weekend, with OPP agreeing to enforce it.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Tony Dalimonte wondered if Concession 13 could be added to the No Parking postings on Concession 12 and Sandusk bordering the Hagersville quarries. 

“The residents along the road would like that,” he said.

Unfortunately he was met with the grim reality of a revolution against the move by partiers over the weekend, when the temporary signs the county had erected on Concession 12 and Sandusk had been ‘removed’, and therefore were unable to be enforced.

“It’s disappointing more wasn’t done,” CAO Don Boyle admitted. However the county will map it and put together a bylaw and a staff report post-election. 

They would also like to meet with the quarry’s current owner about the ease of trespass into the property through holes in the fencing, and his obligations in the matter.