Grand Erie’s Operating Budget for 2018-19 is $326 million, up more than $7 million (or 2.2 per cent) from the 2017-18 budget. 

Total projected Average Daily Enrolment for the Board in 2018-19 is expected to be 25,707. This is a decrease of 463 students from actual enrolment numbers in 2017-18 (26,169).

Grand Erie’s Capital Budget for 2018-19 has allocated $25.6 million for investments into buildings, renovations, upgrades and repairs. Highlights of the Capital Budget comprise $14 million for School Condition Improvement, which includes conversion of libraries to learning commons, accessibility upgrades, roofing, paving, and other necessary improvements to infrastructure; $3.2 million for Child Care Capital; and $1.4 million for School Renewal which addresses minor and major restorative work such as flooring, lighting and painting.

Grand Erie’s 2018-19 budgets include restrictions and reductions enforced by the ministry-mandated Multi-Year Financial Recovery Plan, declining enrolment, and a significant investment to support current transportation challenges.

Impacts to the budget as a result of these challenges include: reductions in staffing, deferral of investments in technology, and global cutbacks to ensure a lean budget across all departments.

Following Board approval on June 25, both budgets will be submitted to the Ministry.