By Chris Pickup

The occupiers of McKenzie Meadows have put out a call for all Six Nations “man, woman and child” to come together and “lift each other up” in support of taking the land back.

“As onkwehonwe Land Defenders we are connected to our lands and water,” an open letter states.

“This land here is a part of us and our history. We have an obligation to defend our sacred traditional territory from further colonial occupation.”

The problem here, as we see it, is that either these so-called defenders have no idea of their own history or, more likely, are blowing blackmail smoke.

Historical documents quite clearly prove Six Nations are aboriginal to what is today New York State, and not to Ontario where their status is that of Loyalist refugees residing on Crown Land formerly owned by the Mississauga.

We suggest therefore, that if they want their “sacred traditional territory” back they go and talk to New York State officials, and good luck with that.

Six Nations elected council says the McKenzie Meadows project was allowed to proceed after the band was accommodated with 42.3 acres and $325,000 which will be used for future land purposes.

The demonstrators suggest a low turnout during community consultations means they “do not reflect any meaningful community engagement.”

Well, whose fault is that? The band council provided for input and if residents couldn’t be bothered to go and have their say, or more likely were content with it, well then, you deserve what you got.

The stress you demonstrators say the land claim may have caused as well as “old hurts and mistrust” among community members can be put down to disaffected people (read demonstrators) continually stirring up strife and trouble when a majority of band members probably just want to live their life in peace along with their Caledonia neighbours.

I’ll warrant they don’t want all the stress of road blockades, injunctions, clashes with police, and the inadvertent blame of some neighbours for what you’re doing.

Give it up, go home, and find something meaningful to do, like a good day’s work instead of behaving like criminals. And while you’re at it, read up your history.