Donation Will Help to Establish a New Fund in Honour of Jennie Deagle 

CAYUGAThe Golden Horseshoe Antique Society of Caledonia is going out in style with a true display of philanthropy and generosity, honouring late Haldimand citizen, Jennie Deagle, with a significant donation to Community Living Haldimand.

The Golden Horseshoe Antique Society is surrendering its charter, due to diminishing membership, and as per the original terms of the club’s charter the club is required to liquidate assets and disperse the funds back to the community upon dissolving.

A special cheque presentation will be made on Tuesday, July 10th at 1:30pm at the Cayuga Golf Club, located at 201 Decewsville Road in Cayuga. Outgoing club president Charles Carte will present the donation in the amount of $65,500 to Community Living Haldimand. 

“While the club is ending, it is important to cherish endings because they proceed new beginnings. May they use these funds to help make dreams come true for years to come”, said Carte.

Community Living Haldimand will use the newly donated funds to establish the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund, a new fund being established to honour Deagle’s pioneering spirit and determination, offering opportunities to individuals to fulfill lifelong dreams that would otherwise be unattainable. Deagle was one of the principal founders of Community Living Haldimand and a longtime member of Golden Horseshoe Antique Society.

“This is a remarkable contribution. It allows us to establish this new fund in honour of Jennie. We are very grateful to the Golden Horseshoe Antique Society for making this donation,” said Susan Wavell, Executive Director of Community Living Haldimand.

“We look forward to seeing the benefits of this generous contribution to the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund. We are so proud of this new program, we anticipate that it will have lasting, life changing effects for people with intellectual disabilities in Haldimand.”

The cheque will be presented at the Cayuga Golf Club, the site of this year’s Community Living Haldimand Drive to Shine Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament is part of the annual campaign to raise funds to promote inclusion, and community access programs for adults with intellectual disabilities. This year’s golf tournament proceeds will be applied towards the establishment of the Jennie Deagle Dream Fund.

About Community Living Haldimand 

Community Living Haldimand, established in 1957, is a not-for-profit, charitable organization providing community-based supports and ensuring meaningful, inclusive possibilities for people with developmental disabilities. For more details, please visit

About Golden Horseshoe Antique Society of Caledonia 

The Golden Horseshoe Antique Society of Caledonia was established in 1968 to promote education on the past in comparison to the present. Their mission was to acquire, restore, display and trade in antique items, the literature and lore of domestic items, sports, entertainment, all modes and methods of transportation and all appurtenances thereto, steam, gasoline, diesel, farm and general equipment, and to demonstrate and promote skills of hobbyists.