A brief social history of Port Maitland Ontario, and the surrounding area
Port Maitland, “On the Grand” Historical Association (PMHA) 

Hello Grand Despatch friends.

The fall 2019 Grand Despatch is finally ready.  I have not decided yet what will follow, but whatever it is, will be sent digitally.  We will not print any more issues.

Better late than never!

If you know anyone who might wish to receive the Despatch, please put them in touch with me at wwarnick@cogeco.ca .

We still need sponsorship as we are continuing our work in support of local history.  One item that will cost us considerable this spring will be the repair to the cairn property.  Fortunately, we do have some much needed support in the form of racking and removing debris from the union and management of Innophos.  

That, though very important will only be the beginning.  The storms of October and November did a lot of damage at the cairn.

Sponsorship costs $100.00 annually where a business card size ad is placed on the website on a rotating basis as well as on a sponsorship page.  Again, if you know anyone who might wish to assist with sponsorship please have them contact me at wwarnick@cogeco.ca  .

With thanks

Bill Warnick