By Chris Pickup

Haldimand councillor Tony Dalimonte has become so alarmed for the safety of children and crossing guards in Hagersville that he wants council to call a meeting of all parties involved.

This is not the first time he has raised the problem at council, but he is hearing more and more complaints all the time he says. 

He estimates per hour daily, between 60 and 100 transport trucks alone blow through downtown Hagersville on Hwy. 6 at high rates of speed, passing through the two intersections that service the schools.

“And they’re not always obeying the crossing guards,” he says.

He’s talked to the company that employs the crossing guards, the MTO who insist the volume of truck is not an issue, and despite an hour spent talking with the OPP he’s had no answer back from them.

Frustrated, he went back to the crossing guards  and asked them to document problems day to day for one week.

One documented 43 speeding transport trucks, 2 near misses (with crossing guards) and one running a red light. The other noted 28-30 speeding transport trucks and 2 near misses.

“If I was a crossing guard standing holding a paddle, I would be intimidated too,”  Dalimonte said.

But it’s not only crossing guards. Dalimonte’s seeing others in the community complaining of truck speeds and volume. “Some are running the lights at the main intersection.”

“The MTO is great about telling us what to do on this highway”, he says. “They insist the volume of trucks is not an issue. They need to meet with us.”

“We need to hold a meeting with crossing guard companies, the MTO, OPP.”