As a person that has been involved in politics, I find it rich for council to blast Toby Barrett.

I have lobbied Queens Park many times to secure funding and to provide important information.  You DON T get much done at ROMA with ministers when every municipality wants to talk to them.

You have to get your facts, studies and ask for a meeting with the minister at Queens Park where the minister’s staff are present who do most of the leg work. Then arrange follow up meetings.

The mayor and council and staff have been told this numerous times but refuse to do it. So what do you expect – a miracle in a 15 min meeting?

I‘m the only one that arranged a meeting at Queens Park two years ago with Councillor Shirton, Don Boyle  and others to show how it’s done. We have a guy from Dunnville who is one of the best  lobbyists in Queens Park and has offered to help. They have yet to take him up on his offer. 

One last thing regarding highway 6, until Haldimand gets Hamilton at the table to help, nothing will happen. You need the strengths of the city.

Like Dunnville needs Niagara for future economic prosperity.

Learn to play the game  and stop complaining Haldimand council.

Michael Ramsey